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20 Nov 2023
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Holden Beach is an idyllic slice of paradise on the North Carolina coast and we hope it remains that way for years to come. In recent years, many travelers and organizations have been promoting the importance of a vacation that blends relaxation with eco-friendly travel. In order to continue enjoying the beauty of the coastal regions for generations to come, we have to do our part to preserve these natural areas. By approaching your vacation with an eco-friendly mindset, you ensure that your kids and grandkids will get to enjoy Holden Beach just as much as you do. 

Coastal Vacation Resorts is proud to support eco-friendly travel. We have partnered with the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust to provide our guests the opportunity to help protect the local habitat. One dollar ($1) has been added to each night for donation to the Coastal Land Trust to support the conservation, preservation, and restoration of our cherished coastal area. Guests of Coastal Vacation Resorts have raised tens of thousands of dollars in donations with their bookings for the benefit of the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust.

Learn more about the importance of Holden Beach ecotourism below and how you can take a proactive part in protecting the area! 

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a form of sustainable travel that emphasizes conserving the environment and improving the well-being of local communities. It involves visiting natural areas with the intent to learn, appreciate, and enjoy the scenery and wildlife while minimizing physical and social impacts. Ecotourism typically focuses on responsible travel to natural areas, fostering environmental education and awareness, and offering direct financial benefits for conservation and the empowerment of local communities. It aims to provide an experience that is both environmentally and culturally sensitive, allowing travelers to connect with and protect the destinations they visit, ensuring these places remain unspoiled for future generations.

Eco-friendly Exploration of Holden Beach

On the Beach:

One of the main ways that you can be an ecotourist is by "leaving no trace." By all means, take full advantage of the pristine beaches of Holden Beach but ensure that as you enjoy it, you're picking up trash and taking with you everything that you brought. Carry reusable bags, avoid plastic, and you can even participate in local beach clean-ups if available. 

Holden Beach also features some incredible wildlife. From the fish in the ocean to the birds and mammals that live in the marshes and dunes, Mother Nature is on full display in Holden Beach. Experience the joy of local wildlife, such as sea turtles and shorebirds, but maintain a respectful distance to avoid disturbance.

Out in Nature:

Discover the scenic trails around Holden Beach by biking and hiking. It's a great way to appreciate the local landscape, but always make sure to stick to marked paths. As you're hiking, make sure you have your camera phone to grab some great photos and never take any flora or fauna with you. Kayaking and paddleboarding are another great way to experience the water and nature in Holden Beach but always keep your trash in your kayak and be careful not to drop anything in the water that might contaminate it. 

Sea Turtle Conservation

Holden Beach is not just perfect for humans but also a crucial nesting ground for sea turtles. These turtles, often loggerheads, come ashore during the nesting season to lay their eggs. Protecting these nests and ensuring the hatchlings' safe journey to the sea is a significant part of the ecological responsibility of both locals and tourists.

Sea turtles usually nest from May to October. Female turtles make their way to the beach at night, dig a hole in the sand, lay their eggs, cover them up, and return to the ocean. After about 60 days, the hatchlings emerge and make their perilous journey to the sea.

Turtle patrols are volunteer-based groups vital in protecting these endangered species and you could possibly volunteer to help! Their responsibilities include:

  • Locating and Marking Nests: Patrols find and mark the nests to prevent disturbance.
  • Monitoring for Hatching: Ensuring the hatchlings have a safe path to the sea.
  • Educating the Public: Raising awareness about the importance of turtle conservation.

How Tourists Can Help

As a visitor, you can play a significant role in turtle conservation:

  • Respect Nesting Areas: Avoid disturbing marked nesting sites. Keep a safe distance and do not touch the nests or hatchlings.
  • Minimize Beach Lighting: Turn off or shield lights near the beach at night, as they can disorient nesting turtles and hatchlings.
  • Keep Beaches Clean: Leave no trash behind. Litter can entangle turtles and other wildlife.
  • Join Educational Walks: Participate in guided turtle walks organized by local conservation groups to learn more and witness this incredible natural phenomenon responsibly.

Quick Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel 

In Your Rental:

  • Energy Conservation: Utilize natural lighting, turn off appliances when not in use, and moderate the use of air conditioning.
  • Waste Reduction: Practice recycling, compost organic waste if possible, and minimize the use of single-use plastics.

Daily Habits:

  • Sustainable Dining: Support local eateries that source ingredients locally and offer sustainable seafood options.
  • Eco-friendly Transportation: Opt for walking, biking, or carpooling. If driving is necessary, consider renting an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Travel the Eco-Friendly Way and Book Your Holden Beach Vacation Rental

By choosing Coastal Vacation Resorts for your stay, you not only ensure a comfortable and memorable vacation but also support eco-friendly practices. We offer many vacation rentals throughout Holden Beach so you can find the perfect one for you and your family. Start browsing through our available homes and book your Holden Beach vacation rental today for a safe and exciting vacation!

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